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Straigtening Out the Strings

Foxsyn, May 1, 12 11:26 AM.
Working on cleaning up the rank titles. Some are still subject to change and/or be moved around. The system as stands looks mostly to make distinction among the role being fulfilled, tank/healer/dps and possible stealth. Nothing too exciting. 

Will also be running groups and flashpoints at random times as well as harassing locals and native species on a few lower level plants.

Welcome to The Collective

Foxsyn, Apr 25, 12 10:55 PM.
  The Collective is a makiavellian organization devoted to inciting chaos and sowing the seeds of mistrust and discord among the imperial and republic forces to fuel the start of a cold war after the signing of the Treaty of Coruscant. While they work under the thumb Imperial Rule, they are not necessarily true patriots, nor do they religiously follow the dark council unless it suits their agenda. The corruption of government and law simply allows for more tolerance and oversight of some otherwise traitorous actions.

  They delight in causing mayhem in both factions through manipulation, bribery, slave and arms trade, extortion, among many other duplicitous means. It is rumored that the collective is unpredictable and half mad. They shelter some of the most dangerous and certifiably insane criminal minds in the galaxy among their ranks however normal they might appear at times.

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